Age Group: For children between 1 year 10 months to 2 years 4 months

Playgroup program of LITTLE STARLIN is designed to help the child adjust to a new environment away from home. Our curriculum is scientifically designed to motivate the child to be inquisitive to learn, develop motor skills, social skills, and group interactions.

Activities include Indoor &out-door playing, singing, dancing, storytelling, painting clay molding, for your child to feel comfortable and learn basic skills for Nursery. The timetable is designed in such a way that we keep changing the activities after certain time interval for your child considering their patience span.


Age Group:For children between 3years plus to 4 years 3 months

Our Nursery Program teaches essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, logical skills, and social skills in a natural sequence that encourages children to learn gradually. We have programs like circle time, show, and tell, art and craft, dance and music which concentrate on the overall growth of the child. At the end of the year, every child is more than ready to go to mainstream school with the required confidence.


Age Group: For children between 4 year plus months to 5 years 3 months


With the emphasis on Multiple Intelligence, we not only concentrate on academics in Junior KG but also encourage the child to explore the in-born skills by exposing them to self-learning, through creative endeavors. The academic curriculum is at par with the CBSE and ICSE syllabus followed by mainstream schools.

Long-term projects and regular field trips are also organized for practical knowledge and exposure. We change the activity after every 20 min for your child considering their patience span.


Age Group:For children between 5 years plus to 6 years 3months

We prepare them for primary school learning. We train them to do all their jobs independently, learn more writing and reading, more experiments, more exposure to practical learning. Apart from this, they are introduced to the academic curriculum as prescribed by NCERT / CBSE / ICSE board.

Although there is a lot to learn in Senior KG for a child from an academic point of view, we make it fun for the child to learn. Language and numbers are taught in a way the child enjoys and never forgets. Abacus is also introduced by trained teachers in the Senior KG curriculum for a better understanding of numbers.

Class -1

Age Group: For children between 6 years plus

At this stage our kids are with strong wings to fly independently from the nest towards formals. Education for 1st standard has been planned in very effective way and under trained PTT/ Bed teachers. Curriculum cover all academic, sports, physical education and introduction of computers.
We train them fully to meet out with all mandatory learning for getting admitted at formals on pan India basis

Day care

Age Group: For children 8 months onwards

Day care services are provided for children aged 8 months onwards till to 12 yrs.

We have all mandatory facilities for kids to provide home away to home under skilled governing staff and their assistants. We take care of children considering the parents need and offer customized services also on case-to-case basis. Hygienic Food and beverages are available at day care. Neat & clean dining & air-conditioned rest room is there to take nap. Evening healthy snacks facility is also available on demand. On emergency we have on call doctor facility also.

A trained teacher will be monitoring and conducting activities for the child during their stay at school. Post school snacks and academic assistance also provided to kids for helping them to complete their homework as & where required